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You can prevent dental emergencies by doing things like wearing a mouthguard during sports or refraining from chewing ice or other hard foods. Some emergencies will still happen anyway. The skilled family dentists at Smile Dental in Moreno Valley, California, reserve time for emergency dentistry throughout the day. If you have a dental emergency, call Smile Dental today or schedule a visit online.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A


What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is similar to emergency medicine. It’s care that’s needed right away because you’ve suffered an injury or a serious oral health complication. Often, emergency dentistry can save a tooth that you might otherwise lose for good.

The team at Smile Dental provides emergency dentistry services when you need them. Dental emergencies happen very quickly and unexpectedly. Even if your dental emergency isn’t immediately obvious, you should call your dentist if you experience symptoms that set in suddenly and severely.

The team at Smile Dental provides treatment according to the type of dental emergency you experience. They offer services like root canals, extractions, or splinting to treat your broken, knocked-out, or diseased tooth.

What are some signs that I have a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies vary widely but share many of the same initial symptoms. Some of the most common dental emergencies are severely chipped or cracked teeth, knocked-out teeth, tooth abscesses, and dry socket.

Even if you’re not holding a partial tooth or knocked-out tooth in your hand immediately following an injury, you could be having symptoms that indicate you need emergency dental care. Common symptoms associated with dental emergencies are:

  • Severe pain
  • Severe bleeding
  • Loose adult teeth
  • Gum or facial swelling

Some symptoms, like swelling, can come from oral health issues that aren’t emergencies. If you’re not sure if your problem is a dental emergency, call Smile Dental for guidance. They can help you set up an appointment even if you don’t need immediate care.

What should I do when a dental emergency happens?

The steps you take immediately following a dental emergency will often determine if you'll lose or save your tooth. Before you arrive at Smile Dental and depending on the type of emergency you have, you should:

  • Keep a knocked-out tooth moist in your mouth or in milk
  • Rinse off a cracked tooth right away with warm water
  • Apply a cold compress to your face to reduce swelling
  • Floss gently to remove food caught between your teeth
  • Avoid placing aspirin on painful tissues

Then visit Smile Dental as soon as possible. The team reserves time in their daily schedule to address dental emergencies.

If you have severe bleeding, pain, or any other sign indicating that you might have a dental emergency, call Smile Dental right away or book an emergency appointment online.